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Opportunity – Pastor Mark

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Opportunity – Pastor Mark

The Christmas décor is back in the Rubbermaid containers.  The Christmas CD’s are put away for another year.  The poinsettias are dropping their leaves.  We are already two weeks into the New Year.  Before this special parenthesis of time becomes another faded memory, maybe there are decisions you and I need to make.  If we don’t, our deepest dreams may be put on “hold” again for another year.  Plans that need to be put into effect may be in danger of just being “packed away” like they were last year and the year before.

At this “sacred” time of year take some time for yourself.  Sit quietly with your own thoughts.  Read through one of your favorite passages of Scripture.  Let God bring new ideas to your mind – or bring back your dreams.

Paul challenges us to “make the most of every opportunity” (Ephesians 5:16).  There are many applications for this challenge but I believe one of those “opportunities” is this unique time of year.

Make the most of this opportunity before it slip slides away.


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Resolved to Resolutions – Pastor Matt

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One thing that New Year’s Day teaches me is that I’m not very good at making resolutions.  Actually, I’m good at making resolutions, just poor at keeping them for any period of time.  The usual fair for my resolutions include anything from lowering my weight and TV consumption to more Bible/prayer time.  All these things would be good for me to be sure.

As I have set up and ultimately failed the majority of my resolutions, I have noticed that I’m an all or nothing guy.  If I can’t fulfill my resolutions perfectly I quickly give up on them; thus, Februarys of my past are filled with tombstones of long dead, but well intended resolutions.

Resolutions are attractive for a very good reason.  They give you power.  There is a part of your life that you have lost the ability to control.  Otherwise you would not make the resolution at all.  A resolution is a bid for you to take back what you may have lost or never have had.

2.0In the book of Matthew we see Jesus talking to John’s disciples about fasting.  He tells them that his own disciples do not fast because “people [do not] pour new wine into old wineskins.”  The new wine is Jesus and the old wineskins are his disciples.   Jesus is simply saying that doing new things doesn’t make you new.  You must first be made new by Jesus.  And anything after that brings you new life.

See the follower of Jesus knows that true/real newness comes only from the work of Jesus Christ.  That is our foundation and our source of life.  We are not made new from our work/resolutions (which are temporal) but by the righteousness of Jesus Christ (which is eternal).

Resolutions aren’t bad, but we must know that any true newnessonly comes from the one who has the power to make us new: Jesus Christ.

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New Year’s Resolutions – Pastor Mark

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New Year’s Resolutions – Pastor Mark

No, it’s not a misprint.  All revolutions start with resolutions.  And it doesn’t take much looking around to realize that there are some aspects of our lives – and our culture – that could use some revolution.

 What about you?  Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions? 

“But,” you say, “do they ever work?”  Valid question!

I can remember some years where my resolutions didn’t make it past February.  But I also can remember the year I resolved to learn to play the guitar – and I did!  It would have never happened if I hadn’t set the goal in front of me and started moving.  Almost every year I make progress that I wouldn’t have made if I didn’t lay down some New Year’s Resolutions.

So I encourage you to give it some thought.  Your life is too much of a treasure to just bury it in the “same-o-same-o’.”  Remember the story of the Talents that Jesus told?  The only servant who felt the wrath of the master was the guy who didn’t try; who didn’t do anything.  God expects us to invest some good energy into the lives that he has given us.

So before the year gets older, take some time with your thoughts, maybe with your Bible, definitely with your God and set a few goals for 2013. The resolutions you choose may just start a revolution – in your world or in all of ours – a revolution for good!

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