For when I am weak, then I am strong.

2 Corinthians 12:10b

Watching – Pastor Matt Ragain

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I grew up in a large family.  I was one of six children.  My number is three: two older and three younger.  I always tell people that being in the middle has significant advantages.  One of those advantages is the ability to watch my older brothers.  I watched them all the time.  I’m not kidding, one of my favorite memories of growing up in my home was sitting next to my older brothers and watch them play video games.  Not only was it fun watching them play, it was a way I got to hang out with them.

Another advantage to watching my brothers was learning from them. I got the privilege to learn how to work hard and treat people well.  I also got the privilege to watch them make mistakes.  Now I didn’t always learn those lessons, but the potential was there.

The book of Daniel has a story about a man named Belshazzar.  He was a ruler of Babylon. Belshazzar’s problem was the fact that he was filled with pride.  What’s sad is that he knew only too well what pride does to someone.  He knew the stories of his grandfather Nebuchadnezzar.  Nebuchadnezzar thought he was greater than God, and yet God humbled him to the point of loosing his kingdom.  It wasn’t until Nebuchadnezzar honored God—even when he had nothing—that God restored him.

Belshazzar knew what God did to Nebuchadnezzar and yet he did not change his ways.  God did not humble Belshazzar, like he did Nebuchadnezzar.  God judged him.  God’s judgment was right because Belshazzar could have opened his eyes to what happened to his grandfather, but rather he hardened his heart.

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Immanuel Church News

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Immanuel Church News

Immanuel Church is changing. Recently we have said goodbye to our kind and generous pastor of 25 years. Along with his wife Vicki, Mark Coughlin has faithfully served and led Immanuel Church through times of joy and times of difficulty. It is with mixed feelings that we bid Mark and Vicki farewell into their retirement. We are sincerely grateful for all they have done. For those of you who were able to attend Pastor Mark’s retirement party, it was clear to see how God used this couple to show his love to a community of believers.

Looking forward, Immanuel has invited Associate Pastor Matt Ragain to serve as the new lead pastor. Naturally, Immanuel Church will feel different with a new pastor. We are confident however, that God is working all things for our good. We believe that Immanuel Church has a bright future and are so excited for new things to come. If you feel led, please join us in prayer over our new direction. We want nothing more than to faithfully serve in the capacity God has called us.

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