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Immanuel Student Ministries is the ministry for junior high and senior high students. Our Wednesday nights are a great time to hang out with friends, get to know others your age and ignite a passion to impact your world. Come as you are to worship, learn from God’s word, and grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ.

The theme we are looking at for this year is “Foundations”.  We all know that the most important element of a building is its foundation.  It might not be the most obvious or interesting part, but without it everything falls apart.  This is the same for our faith.  If our foundations of faith are faulty and poorly constructed, our spiritual houses fall apart.  This is what we are doing this year in ISM.  We are exploring the fundamental truths found in the Bible.  Please join us as we are led by the truth of God’s word and the love of Jesus Christ.


Pastor Matt

Immanuel Student Ministries



Merry Christmas from ISM 2016


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Our Fall ISM series: Interviewing Heros of the Bible

Abraham interview 9-14-14

Vermont Missions Trip 2014

Denver Missions Trip 2013