What We Believe

Statement of Purpose

God’s purpose for His church is that it be “unified in thought and purpose” (1 Corinthians 1:10). At Immanuel, our working statement of purpose is as follows.

We exist as a church to Present people to Jesus Christ, Position them into His family, Parent them into Christ-like maturity, and Prepare them for ministry in the church and the world while always seeking to bring Praise to our God.

This statement is a distillation of two of the key purpose statements in the Bible.

The Great Commission in Matthew 28:19, 20
The Great Commandment in Matthew 22:35-40

We consciously aim to be a Great Commission church (making disciples) fueled by a Great Commandment passion (loving God and people).

Statement of Practice

As a church our beliefs are built on several Christian principles.

The Bible as our only authority.   No other book or person has authority over God’s Word.

The Autonomy of the local church.   The church is free to govern itself by the directives of the Scripture.

The Priesthood of every believer.   No other mediator is required for a person to come to God, only Jesus Christ.

The practice of Two ordinances : Believer’s Baptism by Immersion and the Lord’s Supper

The Interdependence of the universal body of Christ.   We need each other as followers of Jesus.  We are better together!

The Necessity of Spirit-led living.   The Holy Spirit is our source of guidance and strength for life.

The Telling of the Gospel.   People need to know of salvation through faith in Christ.  We are called to tell.