Trayvon Martin and Justice – Pastor Matt

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Trayvon Martin and Justice – Pastor Matt

You can’t go online without seeing a story about what has been going on in Florida and the killing of young Trayvon Martin. At the center of the issue is George Zimmerman, the man who shot and killed Trayvon on the night of February 26th. Being unarmed and only 17, the killing of Trayvon has sparked national outrage. Race is at the center of this issue, and many are saying Trayvon was killed unjustly. Zimmerman was not arrested because police felt he was acting within his rights.

Suffice it to say, the inaction of police to arrest Zimmerman has caused fury and disbelief for the family and community of Trayvon. Considering our racial history, this story has a sad and familiar ring to it. And it has garnered hot debate and finger pointing. This story reemphasizes the racial tensions that continue to plague our nation.

So how do we as Christians address the killing of young Trayvon? Our initial reaction to this certainly should be deep sadness. The mere fact that someone so young lost his life should give us pause to consider those close to us that could have been in Trayvon’s shoes. And certainly, the possibility that Trayvon was killed because of his race should break our hearts.

Our response should be to seek justice. While many individuals have made up their minds about who is right and who is wrong, we should be more concerned with an honest judicial process that needs to take place. We believe that God is a God of justice. Psalms 89:14 says that “righteousness and justice are the foundation of your (God’s) throne.” One of the most accurate things we can say about God is that he is just and he burns against those whom distort justice.

Because God is just, doesn’t that mean that we too should be just? It does. Since details are still immerging from this killing, I sincerely hope that we are not passing our own judgments right away. As things are being revealed, it is our job to go directly to God and pray for justice. Our job is to pray for the family of Trayvon and those involved, and to pray that God’s justice will be seen and that all will recognize God’s Truth.

God, we confess we do not have all the answers. God, we confess that this is a situation that rocks our nation to the core. God, we acknowledge that apart from you, justice becomes perverse. Please break into this situation. Fall upon the hearts and minds of those who are seeking for the truth. We pray for your justice. Finnaly, we pray for the family of Trayvon. Comfort them in their time of deep sorrow.


  1. I was looking at this site to see if I would want to stop in to this congregation as I’m looking for a place to worship but after reading your article on Treyvon Martin I’ve decided not to. Sounds like you are doing the exact thing you are preaching against. Making a quick judgement. Where are the prayers offered for the Zimmerman family? All I get out of your artical is “poor poor Treyvon”

    • Thanks for your comment, but I disagree with you. I did not make as snap judgement about this case. And that was my whole point. To quote myself: “While many individuals have made up their minds about who is right and who is wrong, we should be more concerned with an honest judicial process that needs to take place.”

      I also did emphasize praying for the family of Trayvon because the loss of a son is a burden that I cannot begin to comprehend. Along with praying for the Trayvon’s family, I said we should also pray for all of those involved. Although I do not name Zimmerman’s family specifically, they would certainly be included in “all those involved.”

      Being defensive for Zimmerman is fine, because so many have been so quick to pronounce “guilty”. However, we shouldn’t make the equal mistake in pronouncing “innocent”. Because most of us are not close to the situation, our job is to pray that God’s justice will be fully realized, and that our nation can continue the process of racial reconciliation.

  2. A thoughtful and thought-provoking post. Thanks for the reminder to pray for God’s justice to be done in our world!

    I read this as saying we should rather pray for Trayvon’s family as they mourn their loss, not as an indictment of Zimmerman. If he had been the one who lost his life, of course we would be lifting his family up in prayer as well, asking for the Lord’s peace in their time of mourning.

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