Life in the Spirit – Pastor Matt Ragain

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Nicodemus—an upstanding religious man—went to visit Jesus. He was troubled in his spirit and needed answers to his burning questions. Nicodemus had an existential crisis. He followed God’s law, he took care of his family, and yet he felt he was missing something. The ground he once stood upon felt more like quick sand.

Maybe you feel that way about your faith. Perhaps at one point you were very close to God. But now that proximity feels distant. You might feel like Nicodemus, living like a Christians, but anxious about missing something important.

Jesus’ perception for Nicodemus is the same prescription for you. You must be born
again. Jesus doesn’t mean you are born again from your mother, but rather you are
born again from the Spirit of God. Just like a newborn, the Spirit of God starts us all
over. We don’t depend on what we think we know about the world. But we learn all
things new as we worship, pray and pour over the Word of God.

Being born of the Spirit is a life do-over of the most literal kind. Born again in the
Spirit changes how we see, interact and love the world. And more importantly, being
born again changes how we see, interact and love God.

Rebirth in the Spirit changes our desires and our fundamental reason for existing.

We were once born for ourselves, but in the Spirit we are born for God.

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