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If there is one common characteristic that we all share it’s our ability to worry. Granted, there are various stages of worry. Some individuals struggle with an acute burden of worry, and some only worry from time to time. But we all worry. That is what humans do. We worry about our jobs, children, 401ks, friendships, vacations, health, food, entertainment and clothing. We even worry about our worry. “Am I too worried? Am I not worried enough?”

One of the things I love about the Bible is that it is so practical. This is especially true when it comes to worry. Jesus doesn’t amp up our worry. He doesn’t say the thing many of us fear, “YOU’RE NOT WORRIED ENOUGH!” At the same time, he knows that worry happens. He doesn’t condemn us when we worry, but like a loving father he guides us to understand what worry is and what it is not.

So what is worry? Worry, according to Jesus in Matthew 6, is adding undo anxiety to your life in places in which you really have no control. Jesus says, why worry about tomorrow when today’s worries are plenty.   Why not focus on the things you can control, and put tomorrow’s worries where they need to be—tomorrow?

So what is worry not? Worry is not a problem solver; and yet, we live as though it is. It makes us stressed and anxious. Jesus says, “Who by worrying can add a single hour to their life?” Good question. The answer is no one.

So how do we fight worry? We pray. The worried heart says, “I’m in control and I need to fix this.” The prayerful heart says, “God’s in control and he is the only one who can fix this.” Worry put the pressure on us. Prayer puts the pressure on God. Worry robs us of rest. Prayer gives us rest. Worry is transferable to others and makes you unhealthy. Prayer heals, grows, and is the best thing for the people you love.

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