Together as Bride – Pastor Matt Ragain

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Our weekly schedule says a lot about us.   It tells us plainly the things we are committed to doing and the things we aren’t committed to doing. Many of us call our schedules our “commitments”.   For many of us we are committed to a job for—at least—40 hours a week. We are committed to our families in the evenings and on weekends. We are committed to our friends when we can put them on our calendars. We are committed to our hobbies and things that give us energy. All these commitments are good. They also tell us who we are. We are what we are committed to.

In the book of Ephesians, Paul talks about the church as being the bride of Christ. This is a powerful image for a number of reasons. Christ, as the groom, has given himself up for the bride (the church) to make her pure and spotless.

It is significant that the church is seen as the bride of Christ, not only because Christ is caring for her, but because she is defined by her commitment to the groom. That’s who the bride is; one who makes a commitment. By definition a bride makes a commitment. When a bride and groom come together to make vows, they are verbalizing their commitment. After the vows, they throw a party because they are celebrating the commitment they just made to each other.

The church is a body of believers, who are committed to God and to each other. That’s what a bride does, she commits. Certainly commitment to God and commitment to each other looks different. But if Jesus is the groom who gave himself up for the bride to make her pure and spotless, than how important is the bride? Extremely. It would be impossible to love God and not love his bride.

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