“Always Remember Easter” – Pastor Mark Coughlin

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It’s been 24 days since we celebrated the
Resurrection of our Savior.

Some events fade quickly into our memory – like what we had for breakfast on Monday. But important events, like Easter, shouldn’t be allowed to fade so quickly. The message of Easter has a unique power to keep us focused on the new realities that came about because of Jesus conquering death.

There’s a song that is part of my Easter tradition. The words go like this:

Every morning is Easter morning from now on.
Every day’s resurrection day; the past is over and gone.
Good-bye doubt, good-bye fear, good riddance;
Hello, Lord, Hello, sun.
I am one of the Easter-People – my new life has begun!
Every morning is Easter morning from now on.

Those lyrics remind me that even though the lilies aren’t in the sanctuary any more and the white drape is gone from the cross, the past is gone! Doubt and fear no longer have the power to overwhelm – even though they try! When really difficult things happen we can be confident that Jesus is alive! And that makes all the difference! He is with us just as much on May 3rd as he was on April 16th. He will continue to be with us on June 27th, September 6th and everyday forward. It is that truth that gives us the power to say “Good-bye” to doubt, fear, worry and anxiety; all those emotions that threaten to take away our joy.

So take a minute. Think back to Easter Sunday. Remember something significant from that day. Refuse to let the circumstances of today hijack your joy!

As Jesus told his disciples so he tells us:
“In me you can have peace. In this world you will have trouble.
But take heart! I have overcome the world.”
(John 16:33)

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