Unearned Love – Pastor Matt

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Unearned Love – Pastor Matt

Whenever you watch an interview of a football coach who just lost a game, what does he always say?  He says they didn’t do enough, try enough and sacrifice enough.  Even if the other team was simply better, he still blames himself and his team.  For some reason, that makes fans feel better.

There is a great big ugly problem with this mentality.  The problem is, no matter the outcome, there always could be improvement.  No matter how good a team does, there will always be mistakes and there will always be a need for improvement.

The sad reality is, most of us approach out spiritual lives in the same mentality.  We know we need improvement, we feel we need to be better and even if we are successful in certain things we still beat our breast and say, “I’ll try harder next time.”  Here’s the problem: we want God’s love to be directly correlated to how good we are.  The reality is, we are never good enough, that’s why we try harder and harder.  We approach our relationship with God like a losing football coach.  We constantly admit we didn’t do enough, try enough and sacrifice enough.  We blame ourselves.  For some reason, that makes us feel better.

Here’s what we need to know.  God’s love is not related to what we do.  God’s love does not rise and fall with our successes and failures.  God’s love is steadfast and complete.  God does not love us anymore than he did 20 years ago.  Why do we want him too?  Do we think he is holding back some of his love until we are good enough to receive it?

This truth is most evident in John 3:16, For God so loved the world that he gave his only son. 

That means the highest expression of God’s love was given at the point where we deserved it the least.  God most showed us his love, when we most showed him our hate.

So rather than living as though we need to earn God’s love, we live knowing that God’s love is complete and we are sons and daughters of the living God.  Our Father’s love is not something to be earned, but something to place our lives.

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