In-Field Faith – Pastor Matt

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In-Field Faith – Pastor Matt

There are two guys who love baseball.  One is an extremely knowledgeable student of the game.  He can rattle off all sorts of facts and statistics about players and teams.  He also spends lots of money going to professional games and traveling to the different ballparks.  But he never actually plays the game except for one year of baseball in middle school.

The other guy doesn’t go to professional baseball games.  He doesn’t know much about all the professional players.  But he plays baseball with a group of guys every week.  He loves the smell of the dirt and his glove.  He loves the feeling of pulling off a double play.  Playing catch with his daughter is one of his favorite things to do.

Now which person would you say knows baseball better?  The gentleman who has facts but hasn’t picked up a baseball bat in 20 years? Or, the gentleman who doesn’t know who has the best batting average, but can’t wait until Saturday to put on his cleats for a ball game.

The one who spends his time playing has better knowledge of the game.  The simple reason is that baseball is a game with the fundamental purpose to be played.  The fundamental purpose of baseball is not entertainment or the memorization of facts (although that is an extremely fun element to the sport).

Jesus at one point, rebukes the disciples for not allowing children to come near to him.  He says in Luke 18, “Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.

What Jesus is saying is that the fundamental purpose to the kingdom of God is not having a vast knowledge of the kingdom, but rather being close to someone…Jesus.

Children are our teachers when it comes a simple faith.  Adults worry that they are doing the right things, saying the right things and acting in ways that are holy.  When all the while, children just want to get close to Jesus.

Receiving the kingdom of God is not knowing about Jesus, but rather getting close to Jesus.   The kingdom of God is a matter of proximity (which leads to true knowledge), not an amount of knowledge (which leads to distrust).

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