This Present Waiting – Cassi Piper

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This Present Waiting – Cassi Piper

“Are we there yet?” What parent hasn’t dreaded hearing their child ask that question! With as many road trips as my parents took with my brother and me growing up, I’m sure we said it a time or two (or twenty). When we are young we simply do not have a firm grasp on the concept of time and much to our parents’ chagrin just ten minutes on the highway can seem like an eternity.

I must confess however that as an adult, even though I may know how long an hour or a day is, I have no firmer grasp on God’s timing than I did on how long a trip to Cincinnati took when I was a little girl. How often have I found myself in a place of wait, asking God, “Are we there yet?”

As many of you know my husband and I are expecting our fourth child and I am in the home stretch of my pregnancy with less than two weeks to go until my due date. Recently I found myself in a labor and delivery room at our local hospital anticipating the arrival of our little boy. After 24 hours of increasingly frequent contractions however it was determined I was experiencing false labor and was consequently sent home. Disappointed, I couldn’t help but ask God “Are we there yet?”

At times in our life all of us have found ourselves waiting. Perhaps we are waiting for our soul mate or for the right job. Maybe we are waiting for healing or for a loved one to come back to the faith. Maybe we are waiting for a relationship to be restored or for our hard work to pay off so we can finally breathe financial freedom. Whatever we are waiting for, it can be easy for us to focus on what has yet to come rather than on what God would have us do now to further His kingdom in the meantime.

There are many instances in scripture where men and women of faith found themselves waiting. Sarah waited for a child, the Israelites waited to enter the Promised Land, Mary and Martha waited for their brother to be healed, and as Christians today we await the majestic return of our Lord.

The question then becomes, what shall we do while we are waiting? Does our life come to a halt until our preferred destination is reached? Does our faith stop until we feel God comes through? Do we grumble and complain until our plans come to fruition?

When I realized that our son was not to be born just yet I found myself walking around the house the next few days disappointed and frustrated. After all, those contractions hurt! But my husband gently reminded me that I should make the most of this time, to prepare for our son’s arrival and also to spend as much unhindered time as I could with our three precious children whose lives will forever be changed by the arrival of their little brother. He was right, and the wait has been a lot easier since I switched my focus to the life God has in front of me right now rather than what will come.

My prayer and challenge for us this week is to focus on how God would use us right now as we simultaneously anticipate the answers we seek from Him. May we be a church that lives fully for Christ in the present, knowing that God’s timing is perfect and His plans for us our greater than we could ever imagine. Though we may not ever receive the answers we are hoping for this side of heaven, scripture assures us that if our lives are fully devoted to following Christ in this present day, great will be our reward!

 But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.”

2 Chronicles 15:7

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