Fasting – Pastor Matt

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Fasting – Pastor Matt

Fasting is hard.  My wife can vouch for me.  When I don’t eat for three or more hours I become something less than Christian.

We see in scripture that Jesus fasts.  Remember when he is in the desert for forty days?  On top of being in the desert and not eating, Jesus is also being tempted by Satan.  One of the Satan’s temptations was to make bread out of stone.  Imagine fasting in desert 40 days.  You would be incredibly weak and tired.  Your body would constantly call to you for nourishment.  Your stomach would ache for the satisfaction of any kind of food.  Your hand might occasionally wander to your mouth out of habit.  Satan was right, all Jesus had to do was make bread out of stone, and all his pain would go away.  However, Jesus replies to Satan, “Man does not live by bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.”

So there must be something to this whole fasting thing.  When I think of fasting I think of the “self sufficient man”.  You know that guy that doesn’t need anything from anybody.  He creates the world around him and he doesn’t answer to anyone or anything.  The problem with the “self-sufficient man” is that there is no such thing.  No matter how hard he tries, he is still dependent on things.  One of these things is food.  Have you ever thought about that?  No matter how independent or “self-sufficient” we might believe we are, we are still totally dependent on food.

So what does it mean to fast?  Fasting is us saying that our dependency on food is much less important to our dependence on God.

Have you ever thought what it would be like if you approached your Christian life the way you approach your eating life?  Total devotion!

Fasting is us telling God that though we are not perfect we realize that our true sustenance is Christ.  And by refraining from eating we give up our material dependence on this world for the spiritual dependence of Christ Jesus.

Practically speaking, what does fasting look like?  It can take many different forms, but typically it is refraining from food and drink (not water) for a predetermined amount of time.  Of course, we want to be careful if we have health problems.  We would want to limit our physical activity.  It would also be wise to consult a physician if there were any potential health problems.  I would encourage all of you to consider trying it out for a meal or two.



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