Christus Victor – Pastor Matt

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Christus Victor  – Pastor Matt

I’m the type of person that needs meaning.  If there isn’t meaning, I don’t care.  That’s why I struggled in school when teachers assigned busy work.  I couldn’t do it; there was no meaning except to keep me busy.  That’s one of the reasons why I’m a pastor.  The church is full of meaning.  The Bible is full of meaning.  Working with Christians is full of meaning.

I love the Easter season because we are confronted with the ultimate meaning: Christ’s work.  His death and resurrection have implications not just for our present circumstances but also for our eternal.  What is even more intriguing is the multiple meanings of Christ’s work on the cross, also known as the atonement.

One such atoning work is the defeat of Satan.  In John 12.31, Jesus says, “Now is the time for judgment on this world; now the prince of this world will be driven out.”  We don’t highlight the defeat of Satan on the cross as much at other elements of the atonement, but it isn’t any less significant.  And here is why.  Satan rules our world.  He became ruler after the fall of Adam and Eve.  God allowed Satan to take the reigns of power and he has done some serious damage.

See, when we talk about all the evil that is done in the world, we often forget who is the main perpetrator of that evil: Satan.  Satan needs to be defeated.  Satan needs to be judged.  Satan needs to be taken off he evil throne.  And that’s what Christ does on the cross.  He destroys the kingdom of the Devil and establishes his own rule.  How does he do this you might ask?  He defeats Satan at every turn; he heals, casts out demons, feeds, gives life, gives his life culminating in his resurrection.  The power of Satan, which seems so absolute (because he brings death), is broken by the man who was raised from the dead.

Now just as Christ’s rule hasn’t yet been fully established, neither has Satan’s ultimate defeat.  But it’s only a matter of time when Satan will be no more.  And we have the freedom to live in the promise of Satan’s ultimate demise.

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