Homeless at Christmas – Pastor Mark

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Homeless at Christmas – Pastor Mark

This year we have a chance to experience one of the original elements of Christmas – Homelessness.  Mary and Joseph were basically homeless when Jesus was born.  Yes, they had a place back in Nazareth, but on that holy night… they had nothing.  And on top of that there were no hospitals with delivery rooms; and this was Mary’s first child.  Very few of us have ever experienced those feelings of helplessness, loneliness and vulnerability that are part of not having a place to sleep and no protected place to spend the night, nor do we know people who have.

But this Sunday we have an opportunity to change that.  We will be ministering to people who deal with homelessness on a regular basis.  First Covenant Church of Minneapolis daily provides shelter and a hot meal for up to 50 adults during the colder months of the year.  Through one of Janelle’s connections, Immanuel is signed up to provide the meal this Sunday, December 16th.  We will be preparing and serving the meal, engaging the homeless in conversation and members of the worship team are providing some Christmas music.  This has the potential to be a significant experience – both for us and for the ones we serve.

You are invited to join us!  If you are interested simply contact Tami, Janelle, Pastor Matt, or myself.  We will give you more details.


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