Clarity – Pastor Mark

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Clarity – Pastor Mark

Clarity is a gift.  When something comes along that provides clarity it is a rare and beautiful thing.  Yesterday’s schedule included a funeral and the presidential debates.  One provided clarity.  The other was fog and mist.  But enough about the presidential debates…

The book of Ecclesiastes speaks of the value of attending a funeral.  The act of stopping long enough to think deeply – to consider the brevity and importance of life – can be a powerful cleansing agent for the mind.  The things that constantly scream to us “I AM IMPORTANT” are forced to be silent.  The things that quietly say, “I am important” emerge as truth.

Today as we consider the things on our schedule, may we take a moment and ask, “Is this really important?  At my funeral someday is this going to be spoken of as something that defined me?  Do I want it to be?”

Jesus had such a gift for clarity.  When asked which was the greatest commandment he blew away the fog and said, “Passionately love God and selflessly love people.”

And now that I think about it, that’s what I heard about Tom and Cindy yesterday.

May you have a week of increasing clarity as you follow Jesus.

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