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Women’s Retreat – September 21-23

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Who is Jesus? – Pastor Matt Ragain

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Who is Jesus? Whether or not you are a religious person, you have to ask this question. Why? The first reason is because of the uniqueness of Jesus Christ. There is no one like him in history. No one has had more impact on our world than Jesus. From a historical perspective, we shouldn’t remember Jesus the way we do. Jesus was not a king, had no army, held no power and had no wealth; yet, Jesus is studied more, referenced more and his name invoked more than anyone else on the planet.

The second reason we have to ask this question, has to do with what Jesus thought of himself. So if Jesus truly were a unique individual, it would be important to know who he thought he was. In the book of Matthew, Jesus asks his disciples who they thought he was, Peter said, “you are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.” Jesus told Peter he was right. That title—Son of the living God—is no throwaway title. It has significant meaning. It means that Jesus is King and perfectly obedient to God. It also means that Jesus and God know each other intimately and they are both essentially one. In other words, God and Jesus are the same being. If someone looks at Jesus they look at God. If someone follows Jesus they follow God.

You might reject this idea that Jesus is God. But it is difficult to reject that there is something special about Jesus. It’s difficult to say he was just a nice man who said some good things. There are plenty of nice men in history who have said some good things. That doesn’t count for the immense impact that Jesus has had on our world.

Have you considered that Jesus is who he says he is?

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