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Black and White – Pastor Matt Ragain

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One of the dangers of being a Christian is becoming self-righteous. What does it mean to be self-righteous? It means that you think you have earned your way into God’s love and other people aren’t as good as you.

Being a Christian and self-righteous is particularly damaging to the name of Jesus Christ and to one’s soul. So what does self-righteousness look like?

One of the ways a Christian can be self-righteous is if they see everything in-terms of black and white. This is what the Pharisees did. They could see that Jesus’ disciples were not prepared for the Sabbath and therefore they should not eat. They caught the woman in adultery and were ready to kill her. Jesus told them, “you without sin cast the first stone.” Of course no one is innocent and no one cast a stone.

The problem with viewing our faith in terms of black and white gives no room for mercy, compassion, grace and love. If God dealt with us only in terms of black and white we would all be in lots of trouble. But the Bible is painfully clear about what God gives us. He gives us love, mercy, kindness, forgiveness and ultimately his Son on the cross.

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