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The Law – Pastor Matt Ragain

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The disciples were walking with Jesus on a Sabbath. They were hungry and did not have any food, nor could they buy food. Walking around all day without eating is a recipe for a difficult day. So rather than starve, the disciples picked some heads of grain and ate the seeds. They were technically breaking the rules that governed the Sabbath. Jesus was with them, and he approved what they were doing.

The Pharisees, on the other hand, did not approve. They confront Jesus about his disciples and Jesus teaches them a lesson from Hosea 6:6; it is more important to give mercy than sacrifice. What Jesus is doing is showing that the law is about something much deeper than just following the rules. What is deeper is passionate love for God and passionate love for people. When the law is manipulated by an individual or a system it is no longer the law, but the opposite.

With The Law


You can have-

Burnt offerings without obedience.

Sacrifice without mercy.

Gifts to God without acknowledging Him.

The law without justice.

Generosity without Love.

Religion without God.

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Truth = Death … of Lies, Pastor Matt Ragain

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It’s no mistake that the Bible uses the image of a sword to represent God’s truth. When God speaks, it is true and it is a sword.

Truth is like a sword because it is dangerous. The truth is dangerous because everything outside truth, by definition, needs to be destroyed.  When you are learning an instrument, for example, you might have certain unhelpful habits. Those habits inhibit your learning and musical progress. What must be done? The habits must meet the business end of a sword, or the instrument will never be learned.

What is true for the musical beginner is true for us. If there is something untrue in our lives, we have to let it die. Otherwise, we make a partner of deceit and invite destruction. A dramatic example might be the person who has been dealing with an addiction. The addict is caught in a cycle of lies and deception. The lies come from them. They tell themselves that everything is fine…they are not an addict and they have everything under control. Parts of them are going to have to die if they are going to find life. You don’t have to be an addict to understand that accepting truth is accepting the pain of change.

Jesus says in Matthew 10, “there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known.” Jesus makes this statement in the context of the fear we have of other people. This is intended to be an encouragement to those who might be afraid of what others will do if they proclaim they are followers of Jesus. This is an encouragement to us to seek truth in our own lives, because truth is the sum total of the work of Jesus Christ. In Revelation 19, we have this image of Jesus Christ with a sword coming out of his mouth. It’s an incredible picture. Through the words of Jesus, everything that is untrue will be destroyed. All that remains is the word of God. Jesus is true, everything apart from him is not. So we orient our lives around the truth of the word of Jesus Christ.

Are there lies in your life? What can be done?

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