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Revelation 5:11-13

God is Just – Pastor Shea Cutshaw

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If you’ve been watched the news or have been on social media over the last week, then you’ve heard a lot in a short time about the Ford-Kavanaugh hearings. Everyone has an opinion on this issue. Even within my own social media news feed, I’ve seen opinions from people all over the spectrum. I would agree with some commentators that this is a historical time in our nation, but I would also agree, with the countless others, who have said this is a dark time. This has caused a lot of division within our nation, and as I read from different Christians, even division within our Church sadly. Within all of this though, I heard one thing that brought so much hope to my soul. It was from Senator Jeff Flake when he addressed Brett Kavanaugh. He said this,

“I would just urge my colleagues to recognize that in the end we are 21 very imperfect senators trying to do our best to provide advice and consent; and in the end there is likely to be as much doubt as certainty going out of this room today. And as we make decisions going forward, I hope that people will recognize that.”

He continues by saying,

“And in the rhetoric that we use, and the language that we use going forward, that we’ll recognize that there is doubt. We’ll never move beyond that and just have a little humility on that front.”

That brought hope to me because I was reminded that while we are imperfect, God is perfect (Romans 3:23.) That we need to move forward with humility, just as Christ spoke and was humble (Mark 10:45); and that while we as people might make rulings that to some seem unjust, God is just (Psalm 92:15.)

At the end of eternity, we will stand before the perfect judge. He will hold us all accountable for our actions and the only thing that will matter at that time is whether or not the blood of Christ has covered us (Acts 20:28), sanctified us (Psalm 23:3), and continued to work in our lives (Romans 12:1-2.)

So how should we as believers respond to everything happening? Well, while we have our opinions, we do not know the truth. What we do know though is that Brett Kavanaugh, Dr. Ford, and all Republicans and Democrats are made in the image of God (Genesis 1:27), and therefore they deserve the respect as created beings in that image. We should be a people praying not for them to make political decisions that we want, but that they would come to a faith in Christ alone that secures there soul for eternity.

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Life in the Spirit – Pastor Matt Ragain

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Nicodemus—an upstanding religious man—went to visit Jesus. He was troubled in his spirit and needed answers to his burning questions. Nicodemus had an existential crisis. He followed God’s law, he took care of his family, and yet he felt he was missing something. The ground he once stood upon felt more like quick sand.

Maybe you feel that way about your faith. Perhaps at one point you were very close to God. But now that proximity feels distant. You might feel like Nicodemus, living like a Christians, but anxious about missing something important.

Jesus’ perception for Nicodemus is the same prescription for you. You must be born
again. Jesus doesn’t mean you are born again from your mother, but rather you are
born again from the Spirit of God. Just like a newborn, the Spirit of God starts us all
over. We don’t depend on what we think we know about the world. But we learn all
things new as we worship, pray and pour over the Word of God.

Being born of the Spirit is a life do-over of the most literal kind. Born again in the
Spirit changes how we see, interact and love the world. And more importantly, being
born again changes how we see, interact and love God.

Rebirth in the Spirit changes our desires and our fundamental reason for existing.

We were once born for ourselves, but in the Spirit we are born for God.

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